Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flashback - 18 years and going strong...

Last night Stacey was feeling a but unappreciated and uncared for. Just because I'm a jerk and insensitive, she gets down from time to time. Since I'm unlikely to change, I at least want to let her know that she should not let my shortcomings be an indication of how important she is to me or how much our life great because of her and our relationship. Below is a flashback of growing up together, from the time when we were still kids galavanting across the country, to being new parents way too young, to the many adventures we have had together (and continue to have) along the way. Stacey, you mean the world to me. I still feel like your out of my league, but as long as you don't figure that out we will have many more great years together. In a couple weeks we mark 18 years.
1995 - Washington State
1996 BWCA
2001 San Francisco
2003 Bogota, Colombia
2003 Florida
2005 Grand Canyon
2005 Poconos, PA
2005 Arizona
2005 Florida
2006 Texas
2008 Barcelona, Spain
2009 NYC
Boobs, Chesapeake Bay
2012 South Africa

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