Thursday, December 27, 2012


Merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays to all.  A few pics from Christmas morning and a selection of photos River and Nate took at Longwood Gardens are below.

River's prize picture

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dave P

Dave was the most subtle adventure enthusiast.  Thinking back over the years, he was the most willing participant in so many crazy adventures.  On the top of the "we were lucky to escape that one" list was the time we were roaming the streets of Northfield on bike probably a little drunk and certainly a lost less intelligent than our transcripts would suggest, descending the most uninviting and long stairway on the St. Olaf campus.  Half way down, Dave's bike preceded to disintegrate beneath him.  Literally.  And in his affable and humble way, he sat amidst the wreckage and shrugged it off and we limped home with what remained of our bikes together.  At other times we roamed the various storm sewers of the surrounding cities, or explored the maintenance tunnels of Carleton (a bolt cutter may have been involved).  A gecko on the water tower and a failed attempt at a "Micky Mouse" cover on the campus clock where memorable events of the campus years. Did we really dangle 200 feet over the edge of the water tower?  The sprint to escape the campus police after descending the clock tower was maybe more satisfying than it should have been, but we outran them nonetheless!  Mention must be made of the night a group went winter-camping, Minnesota Style!  Where I come from, if it's 40 below zero and your toes freeze, you loose your toes.  But Dave asked Keith if he could put his feet on his belly, and Keith - being from Kentucky - thought this was a grand idea.  Dave had his toes to the end.  Add to the mix the race cars, motorcycles, airplanes and various escapades.  As hard as it is to accept he is gone, take comfort in knowing Dave lived life to the fullest.  He touched so many.    There is no way to make sense of the fact he is gone, but think of that person you care most about and consider for a moment what they mean to you, and the impact they have made on your life.  Forget the small stuff.  Love them and let them know they are loved.  And live life to the fullest.  It is your legacy.  I loved you Dave and always will.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blues Cruise 50K Weekend with Matt Heller

Had a great weekend with Matt Heller for our annual ultra run and shenanigans.  In addition to running the Blue Cruise 50K in respectable manner (22nd and 30th places out of 231 runners), we milked every last good time out of the weekend.

After the 50K

50 Course and Elevation profile (3000 feet)

Matt showing my precision mud attack skills.

Matt at finish, shirtless because of bloody nipples.

Jiggle jiggle....

Kicked off the weekend at the gun range, .44 revolver.

Rivers CC Race

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival - Forest, Hirut, and Krem having a blast.

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Capping off the weekend with beer and cigars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brazil 2012

A few select photos from Rio and Sao Paulo... more photos HERE.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Maui Sunset
 It's hard to come home after a wonderful week in Maui, jam packed with as much as we could fit in our time there, including a drive down the Road to Hana, visit to Iao Valley, luau, drive up Haleakala Volcano (inactive), snorkeling at Molokini, surf fishing, party at Maui Ocean Center, plantation visit, lots and lots of beach time & boogie boarding,  great food, time with great friends from around the world, and very little sleep.  More pictures HERE.  Click on a picture for the full size view...

Iao Valley

Iao Valley

Road to Hana

Black Sand Beach on Road to Hana

Haleakala Volcano Summit

The view from Haleakala summit

Fairmont pools - open 24 hours

Traditional Hawaii pig roast