Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Summer Photos Dump

There are times when you don't realize how special periods of your life are until you look back upon them. I think this summer is turning out to be that kind of time. First some awesome guitar recital and soccer videos, then another photo dump. Two weeks and counting until we leave for Washington State for a much deserved 2 week vacation, one of which will be with great friends...

Rockin' River

Frettin Forest

Strummin Stephanny

Kickin Krem

Forest at his first rock concert

Baltimore Arts Festival

Triathlon Start


Hirut in Forest's Fort/Rock Garden

Angler Krem

Angler Stephanny

Angler River - His keeper fish!

My special gal - I don't think she realizes how much she means to me.

Krem loves water!

Angler Forest


Starboard, port, stern, aft, what!?!?!?

A HOT day on the boat…

Spooky Swim

Forest was really brave and participated in the bluegrass jam.

Ice Cream and Summer!

Helping on the boat.

My sweetie

My gals

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

Time for a short break from summer excitement to upload some pics of what's going on here. Also, finally gave the frustrating SLR camera the boot and downgraded to a model that just takes great pics - so back to enjoying taking pictures again. We have a 2 week vacation to Washington and Oregon planned for August - so check back then for the latest updates.
Grandpa Gheen and River's Boat Building Project

Fire! Fire!

Backyard Campout

Pool Movie Night

Lawn Sports

Watergun Fight

Cooling off in the Brandywine

Water Fun

Garden Strawberries

Doing it Right

Doing it any which way.

"Daddy Look! I'm being dangerous!"

Catching Critters

Being Cute

Lots of time in the pool