Monday, February 11, 2013

British Virgin Islands

Our vacation this winter was to Scrub Island in the British Virgin Islands.  We were joined by Steve and Kiki Gheen, as well as our great friends Joel, Solana, and Francis.  Countless hours were spent around the resort pools, hot tub, and beaches, digging in the sand, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing, and sipping on tropical drinks of every sort.  We also made outings to the spectacular Baths on Virgin Gorda, Willie T's boat-bar (sans kids) where some sans clothes roof jumping may have occurred.  On another night Stacey, Joel, Trouble and I went on a surreal and crazy excursion in search of nightlife, ending up in three or four unique local bars, utilizing every form of transportation possible, ending the night buzzing across the water, weaving our way through moored sailboats with sea spray drenching us as we made our way back to Scrub.  The kids caught colorful local fish, enjoyed the local foods, and spent time on special homework assignments identifying wildlife above and below the water, including the tarantula and scorpion that made their way into our villa.  Our return was delayed a day by blizzard Nemo, but there are worse places to be stranded.  To see the full album from our trip CLICK HERE